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Living with the constant thoughts and struggles of being perfect is so overwhelming, and so not worth the time and exhausting effort that it brings upon us. There are so many more important aspects of life besides this, that us as individuals should be focusing on to better our inner well-being. 

For one we should be focusing on our greatest inner achievements, the achievements that we as individuals yearn for. We should focus on being our own inspiration in life, fighting for our own dreams, hopes, wishes, and desires. We all have different unique qualities that make up who we are as a person, and these are the special qualities that account for the inner beauty we hold within us. 

We all have goals or dreams that we hope will come true one day, and this is what makes life worth living for. As high schoolers, we all have different plans and goals for after we graduate whether it’s to further our education in college, become an athlete, an actor, a writer, the possibilities are endless. 

The sad thing is is that instead of focusing on our own personal individual goals we tend to focus on other people instead, and we often compare ourselves to other people. I can tell you I am guilty of this, I tend to get angry with myself when I’m not able to do something that someone else can do so easily. For example,  math has never been an easy subject for me, and I’ve always gotten mad at myself for not being able to be as good at it as some of my friends are. Instead of comparing myself to other people all the time, I decided to devote all my time and effort into my own studies. Now as a senior in high school I’m in AP calculus, this is something I never thought I’d be able to accomplish. 

It’s truly amazing the things we can accomplish when we try our best and focus on our own goals instead of worrying about what other people around us are doing. It’s normal to want to compare yourself to others at times, but we shouldn’t beat ourselves up for things we can’t do as easily, as we are all created differently in our own unique ways.  

Everyone is different and that’s what makes life so spontaneous and beautiful, as it is mixed and engulfed with different people, personalities, traits, dreams, and aspirations. When we accomplish our own goals and achievements it truly accounts for the beauty of life itself. 

“You must give everything to make your life as beautiful as the dreams that dance in your imagination.”-Roman Payne

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