Five Star Gets a Gold Star by Students

By Bella Hanlon
The Five Star system is a new program Redlands East Valley has begun using in order to keep track of students’ involvement.  It is a system that allows ticketless events, keeps points in a database, and ranks participation. 

How does it work you ask?  This program puts all tickets on student ID cards through scanning technology. Actually, all events attended get put on the student’s barcode.  Students must always have their ID on them. Kids must either carry it with them or take picture of it on their phones. 

Students get points for positive reinforcement from security, spirit days from ASB, participating in clubs from advisors, and for going to athletic events, plays, and campus activities.  Points build up throughout the year like in a bank account. Students can redeem points for snacks, shirts, prizes, etc. whenever they want!  At the end of the year the top hundred or so will be entered in a drawing for a large prize.  

Now, you may have heard of Remind 101, but what you don’t know is that it is related to the Five Star program.  For those of you who don’t know, Remind is an app used for voting and polls. To sign up for Remind text the number 81010 with the message “@rev(class number)” ex. @rev2016.  This corresponds to the Five Star system because links will be sent out through Remind to open up the Five Star website for voting. 

If a student is signed up for remind, he or she will receive a text with a link to vote or to take a poll. This goes through a database to organize the votes and calculate a result. In order to sign in and vote, you must enter your student ID number and your last name. Once a student is logged in the the system, he or she is free to vote and take polls.  And that right there is Five Star in a nutshell!

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