Prediction: Kim Davis has not Seen the Last of Her Cell Door

By Jonas Poggi 
Fact: Kim Davis is a Kentucky county clerk

Fact: In June, gay marriage became legalized across the nation

Fact: States are required to comply to the decisions made in D.C.

Fact: Those representing the states must also comply to the decisions made in D.C.

Fact: Kim Davis broke the law.

When Kim Davis was elected to the position of county clerk, she became obliged to uphold the law. By not signing the marriage license of any couple, she is breaking that law. A federal judge ruled that Kim Davis had to sign the marriage licenses of gay couples, and if not, she would be jailed. She did not, and then she was. Kim Davis was held in prison for five days before the judge released her, but said that if she did not sign the licenses, she would be returning to jail.

And on what grounds does Davis believe she can deprive a couple of what is rightfully theirs? Religion. She believes that gay marriage is a sin, and for that reason alone, she can deny services of the government to its citizens.

But is it not the job of the government to provide services to their people? In this situation, Kim Davis is representing the government. It is her job to rightly represent the government, not her own personal beliefs.

But let’s talk about that for a second. Kim Davis is a Christian. She believes that gay marriage is a sin. Yet, Kim Davis has been married four separate times to three separate men. According to Luke 16:18, “Whosoever putteth away his wife, and marrieth another, committeth adultery: and whosoever marrieth her that is put away from [her] husband committeth adultery.” So not just is Kim Davis failing to follow national laws, she is also breaking her own Christian laws by going through multiple divorces. Yet, she is still considered a devout Christian even after breaking one of the Ten Commandments multiple times.

After spending five days in jail, a federal judge released Davis, but also said that he would put Davis back in jail if Davis refused to comply with the law. And of course, days later, Davis says on live television that she will continue to not follow the law.

Conservatives around the country are hailing Kim Davis as a national hero of “civil disobedience” and “freedom of speech.” Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee is apparently attempting to make David the new mascot of his abysmal campaign. On the day of her release from jail, Huckabee set up a stage as well as a press conference for her. At the event, Huckabee said that he would gladly take her place in prison if the judge ever ordered her to return. Somehow this man, who has no understanding of the judicial system, is placing seventh in the GOP polls. Another GOP hopeful, senator Rand Paul has said that it is “absurd” to jail someone over their religious beliefs. By this logic, Rand Paul believes that it is also absurd to jail someone over breaking the law.

The bottom line is that this event is dumbfounding. It is purely nonsensical that someone would deny a couple their right to marry. It is absolutely ridiculous that people are supporting Davis to break federal law. It is absurd that people are profiting off of her crimes. Undoubtedly, Kim Davis has not seen the last of her cell door.

4 thoughts on “Prediction: Kim Davis has not Seen the Last of Her Cell Door

  1. This is factually incorrect. Kim Davis has done nothing wrong. Homosexuality is a right, NOT a law. Therefore she cannot be jailed for what she has done. If she could be jailed for this, then the judge of Kim Davis’ trial and the author of this article should be jailed for not adhering to her rights of speech and religion. Also by bringing up her past sins of divorce the author of this article is saying that because she broke what she constitutes as a sin before, then she should just do it again. She divorced and remarried 3 times before she became a Christian. The homosexual couple could have easily gone to another person to sign their marriage license, so why are we not looking at them. They have one right protecting them, while Kim Davis has 2 protecting her (speech, and religion). Do you really think she should go to where murderers, rapists, kidnappers, thieves are because of this. SHE DIDNT BREAK ANY LAWS, therefore it is unconstitutional to throw her in prison. If you think this is too strongly worded, then read my name again.

  2. Kim Davis has done nothing wrong. It is the democratically run government who has failed her. She has been unconstitutionally jailed only for exercising her 1st and 14th amendment. and for the hypocritical view. Romans 3:23 “All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of god.” At the very least Kim Davis has repented for her sins while the homosexuals she refused to marry are still sinning.

  3. I fully agree. There needs to be a division between church and state. People that cannot let go of this fact, like Kim Davis, should not be in those types of leading government positions.

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