Different is Normal

Perspectives from a Positively Stressed Senior
By Annie Delgado
As a teenager these days, there is so much pressure on students in schools to “fit in.” On most High School campuses, you have the popular kids who are in ASB, and cheer, then you have the jocks, who are involved in sports, the smart kids who take all the AP classes, the performing art kids who are in band, choir, and theater, and then you have the kids who are there to go to school, get what they need done, and then go home, but don’t necessarily fit into a specific group of kids. These kids are sometimes seen as the “outcasts.” This stereotype has to stop! It is ridiculous for kids to be almost forced to be involved in something major in school to fit in there, and this needs to end.

Society today stages scenarios in media to show kids what they’re missing out on if they aren’t involved in what is “cool.” There are magazines, and commercials that portray the “perfect” people, and they edit out all the flaws they have, so they seem to not have anything wrong with them. Teenagers are pressured to be “perfect” in everything they do, whether it be talking, how they dress, or what they eat, and the list goes on. This is all apart of society trying to force teenagers into being something they are not, just so they fit in. The side effects of this downfall in society can prove to be dangerous, even fatal. This pressure can lead to depression, eating disorders, negative self image, and can even lead to suicide among teens. This is one of the most atrocious violations of rights. People should not be so pressured to fit in, that if they can not achieve that goal, they feel the only solution is to take their own lives.

Teenagers can be the most creative and insightful people when given the freedom to express themselves. With the pressure to fit in, this creativity might be hidden away from everyone. Society needs to learn that different is okay. Different should not have the negative connotation it’s given, because society is scared of what is different. Not fitting into a certain crowd is okay. Everyone is not meant to be in a certain group of kids, we are all unique in our own ways. If you aren’t feeling like you fit into a certain group, that is fine! Go and find some friends who love and accept you for who you are! High School can hold some of the best memories if you are true to who you are. Go out there, be yourself, and don’t feel pressured to be anyone else!

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