CV vs. REV MOBA Match

By Chris Carranza
MOBA stands for Major Online Battle Arena.  It’s a highly competitive game genre where players must work together to defeat their foes.  On Friday Sept. 18, CV’s MOBA Club, the Salty Mid, went against REV’s MOBA Club, the Dubstep Igniters. The match between the two club teams was a good one, but before the recap, let’s describe what exactly a MOBA is.  It’s seen as a very complicated game of capture the flag. Each team has a “flag”in the middle of their base that they must defend and protect. Turrets protect the lanes that lead to the “flag”. The turrets do a lot of damage to players, so players have to work together to avoid damage from enemies and work together to take down the turrets.

The players representing REV include: Xander Fernald, Shane Coffing, Jon Lee, Arturo Guevara and Griffin Keays. 

The players representing CV include: Robin Vendiola, Trevor Nicholas,  Austin Abdulnour,  Jolyric Cruzado, Austin Abdulnour, and Tyler Ruidera.

In the beginning of the match, CV players Trevor, Austin and Tyler worked together to take out the monsters in the jungle. During this, the REV players begin to laugh and taunt them (this cannot be seen by the CV players). After a minute passes, Trevor, Robin, Austin and Jolyric protect their lane from Xander, Jon, and Griffin. At the six minute mark, Trevor gets the first kill with the help of Austin and Tyler, but REV avenged their loss with a kill to Robin. At the nine minute mark, Xander took down Robin’s turret (as seen below).

At the nine minute marker Shane, Arturo, and Griffin successfully take down the dragon, thus giving them a boost in strength. This led Trevor to use REV’s damage taken by the dragon to his advantage by earning CV a triple kill. At exactly the 14 minute marker Arturo takes down CV’s tower, now making that the 2nd tower down. Around the 16 minute marker during the team fights, Trevor decides to use that to his advantage to take down one of REV’s towers. During the team fights, Robin tries to protect his captain Jolyric from Shane. At the 19 minute mark, everyone on the CV team except Trevor rush to take down the next tower. From the 19 minute marker and on the match got really chaotic and CV took down 3 of REV’s towers.  Finally at the 28 minute marker, CV takes the win.

After the match Robin Vendiola from CV was interviewed:

Question 1: Were you afraid of REV?

Robin: Nope

Question 2: How happy were you when you won?

Robin: Happy, like if you get a gift from someone.

Question 3: Was REV a good opponent?

Robin: Yes, they were.
Question 4: I saw you had a lot of trouble with the Xander?

Robin: I wasn’t really going for the kill because champion is to farm and get to late game and kill the back line and he tried not to let me farm but it didnt go so well.

Question 5: Did you have any doubt in your team’s skills anytime during the match?

Robin: No

Question 6: 
How did you get into league?

Robin: Around 7th grade my brother showed it to me

Question 7:Were you good at it?Question 1

Robin: Well i have a background on dota so I guess decent

REV Player Xander Fernald was also interviewed:

Question 1: Where you afraid of CV?

Xander: I can’t say I was afraid, I honestly expected less because of what Bradley had been telling me, but Citrus really delivered. They played well and took us all by surprise.

Question 2: I saw you were targeting Robin?

Xander:Well, Robin was my lane opponent, so I spent a good deal of the game attacking him, especially early, fighting just him and I, and I have to say I had a large advantage over him early, but he played well and got back ahead later in the game.

Question 3: Did you have any doubt in your skills anytime during the match?

Xander: Honestly I’d been performing very poorly in the days before the match, so I was scared that I was going to underperform, but I practiced the champion I ended up playing and had some good games with him and felt that I was doing everything I could, and early I did have somewhat of a lead in my lane, but the rest of the lanes were somewhat behind most of the game, especially bottom lane.

Question 4: How did you get into league?

Xander: Shane told me about it last year around August, I’ve been playing just over a year now.

Question 5: Were you good at it?

Xander: Honestly no, I was terrible at the game all the way up until a few months ago when I started learning from high ranked players up in gold and platinum ranks, I played with and even against them and got more skilled that way.

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