REV Boys Water Polo Sets High Expectations

By Paul Villagrana
Water Polo season has arrived, and Coach Ryan Williams expects his players to come out strong and play their hearts out. After leaving the 2013-2014 season with a league record of 7-3, standing in 3rd place in the CBL, the team wants to come out and prove that they can be number one in the league,and with the work they have been putting in and the arrival of capable varsity freshman, there’s a great chance they come out on top.

Coach Williams and his two team captains, Nolan Bulf and Wade Allsup, “would like to help this team achieve these goals by mentoring the lower class and like a house, build and maintain this program for later years.” Winning is a goal for this team, but that’s not all they have in sight, as Coach Williams wants to help his players grow and become better during the time of this season.

Coming into this season ranked, Williams would like a CBL Title, but the main goal he wants for this team is to reach CIF as he “hopes to make a deep run in the playoffs and reach the semi-finals while easily passing the quarter finals.” Coach Williams, and both team captains, believe this goal can be achieved with the amount of work that is being put in and how strong-minded these players are.

For his seniors, Williams, “wants them to work hard and have fun while doing it,” as they have always been throughout their years with the program, and for them to mentor the freshmen, helping them get better as the season progresses. For his captains, he wants the same, as he chose them due to, “their good work ethic, commitment to the game, and willingness to come out and play with all their spirit like they have always been doing for years in the program.”

​Already coming into the season with an early win, this team hopes to come out with more, and achieve all of the goals that they have planned for this season. The team looks to have an outstanding season ahead of them.

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