Blackhawk football looks to build on winning streak

By Layla Abbas
Citrus Valley’s Varsity football team has contributed hours of preparation and dedication all for this moment. The moment of a new season, the season that calls for fresh starts and new opportunities.

Citrus Valley students were decked out in black and gold on Friday,  Sept. 4 cheering on the varsity football team as they took on Beaumont for the first home game of the season. Beaumont and Citrus Valley both proved to be tough competitors as they fought to the end for what would be a Blackhawk victory. Citrus Valley maintained the lead throughout the first quarter, but in the second quarter Beaumont regained the lead making the score 14-12. At this point in the game the intensity heightened and the large crowd was cheering wildly for Citrus Valley. The players must have felt the excitement roaring from the crowd  because the lead was  returned and the Blackhawks left with a win of 39-34.

Following a massive win against Beaumont, Citrus Valley continued the stride and defeated Jurupa Hills on Sept. 11. The football players are optimistic and eager to see how the remainder of the season will play out. When asked what teams Noah Ramos is most looking forward to playing he replied with, “REV and Yucaipa.” Ramos says by the end of the season he hopes to be remembered by people who watched him play throughout the course of the season. Stephen Plaisted is most looking forward to, “playing RHS because of the big upset that happened last year when quarterback Chris Shiley had a big run for the game winning touchdown. There is going to be a lot of hype going into that game, especially since it is at their house.” Plaisted’s favorite moment of the season so far was “being featured in the Redlands Daily Facts after the Sept. 4 win over Beaumont High School.” Although early in the season, plenty of memorable moments have already been established.

With a great start to the season, the CV Varsity football team is determined to rack up more wins and  see what they can continue to bring to the table. The next game is  away at Miller High School on Friday, September 25th. 

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