Adventures at Comic Con

For the Creative Soul
By Katherine Snavely

The 2015 Comic Con in Long Beach has come and gone and was full of artists, comics, and tons of actors and actresses. For example Doctor Who and Arrow actor John  Barrowman, along with star Chloe Bennet from Marvels Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D . My favorite part was when the voice actor from Darkwing Duck  Jim Cummings was there signing autographs. Darkwing Duck is an an old cartoon that came out in 1991 about a superhero duck who fights crime with his daughter and pilot friend. Also there was voice actor Alan Oppenheimer who does the voice of Skeletor in the old cartoon He-Man that came out in 1983. Artists from all over came to this Comic Con hoping to share their art with people.There were hundreds of artists there to show off their art of all different mediums.

The first person I saw and loved was digital artist Felicia Ann. I just had to buy one of her pieces, I  loved the way her characters looked and how it was made to look like it was painted but was actually made digitally. Her illustrations are gorgeous examples of Retro futurism, which is a blending of the past and the future. Find her work at .

Line By Line Posters, artist Mike Matola creates art by handwriting the script of a movie or chapters of a book behind the silhouette of the character or image related to the story or script. For example in his Harry Potter piece he writes several chapters of Harry potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone in the shape of Harry Potter’s face (Fig. 1). His Art is truly amazing and takes him over eighty plus hours to just finish one piece. Still not convinced of his hard work? Check out his artwork of My Neighbor Totoro written in its original Japanese form when he can’t even speak the language (Fig. 2). See more of his work at .

Alexander Lee’s main medium is watercolor; he is a comic artist, illustrator, and character designer. He gets his ideas from sitting in a coffee shop, where he writes his stories and creates his characters (Fig. 3). Alexander Lee has recently started a webcomic called The Blue Cat Cafe about a lonely judgemental girl who is single, but her mother will interfere if she doesn’t get into a relationship soon (Fig. 4). I really enjoyed his artwork, he has a really unique style. Check out his webcomic at or just his artwork at .

Overall my trip to Long Beach Comic Con was amazing it was so cool to see so many independent artists who have all  inspired me to get up and do some of my own work!

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