Volleyball Phenom Enters Last Season

By Paul Villagrana
For athletes, senior year is one of the most exciting times to experience, as they hope to earn their school titles, reputation, and much more. For Redlands East Valley’s Senior Volleyball Captain, Vashti Knight, all of these goals are expected to be achieved this year. Coming into her final season, Knight, the All-Sun Girls Volleyball 2014 Player of the Year and Citrus Belt League 2014 Most Valuable Player, hopes to have an undefeated season, while also winning another CBL title for her school. Knight plans to finish her last season of high school volleyball with no regrets.

With phenomenal stats of 307 kills, 4.4 kills per set, and a kill percentage of 44.9% in the 2014 season, Knight led the team in kills and in kills per sets. Having played 70 sets in the 2014-2015 season, with occasional rests to prevent fatigue, the same is expected of her for the 2015-2016 season.

In addition to providing outstanding stats for her team, Knight also hopes to be a mentor to the lower class-men this season, helping them improve in every single game and practice, so that the team can continue to succeed this season.

For Knight, her senior year will be the end of her volleyball career, due to dealing with a knee injury sustained during her freshman year. After high school, she plans on attending UC San Diego purely for academic purposes. Expect the 2015-2016 season to be one of the most thrilling to watch, because Knight plans on going all out for her team in order to reach the goals she has set for herself in her last season.

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