Summerfest excites and unites students

Prior to the event, students from Citrus Valley were asked what they were most excited about Summerfest. Here is what they had to say:

“ I’m looking forward to the tacos.” – Miguel Silva Jr., sophomore

“Dancing and the jumpers.” –Patrick Boswell , senior

“Seeing my friends from other schools.” -Cameron Puett, sophomore 

“Dancing and the food.” – Desiree Estrada, senior

“Hanging out with my friends.” -Alexis Morales, freshman

“The cool activities.” -Kaylee Dorsey, senior

“The hennas, I’m going to get hennaed up.” -Michael Conen, freshman

“The rock climbing.” – Starlett Torres, freshman 

“The jumpers.” – Jonathan Aguirre, sophomore

By Layla Abbas and Jessica Lopez
Students from Citrus Valley High School, Redlands East Valley High School, and guests attended the second annual Summerfest! The festival and dance was a perfect way to welcome in the new school year and socialize  with other students.

This year, Summerfest was held at Redlands East Valley on Aug. 22 from six to 11 p.m. Approximately 1400 students gathered on a breezy August night and spent hours exploring the plethora of things to do. Velcro wall, henna tattoos, casino tables, jumpers, sumo wrestlers, game trucks, and circus acrobats are just a few of the many things present at Summerfest this year. 

This is one of the few events that invites multiple Redlands Unified high high schools to participate and attend. The excitement for this dance was everywhere; from fliers around the school to posters on campus. Summerfest was a dance students did not want to miss. Cameron Puett from Citrus Valley was excited to see her friends from other schools. Scarlett Torres from Citrus Valley was most excited for the rock climbing. 

This was also the first high school dance for the freshmen class.  The newest group of students were overwhelmed with the amount of activities and how lively the whole atmosphere was. With the many activities available, students were bound to find something that interested them. Aside from the activities, a live band, Voltage Control,  provided musical entertainment right before the main DJ took the stage. 

The dance floor was consumed with machines that released smoke at the peaks of songs to contribute to the effect. Students were given lightsabers that illuminated the dark dance floor, and free merchandise was thrown into the crowd of students who occupied the dance floor. 

The event was organized through the combined effort of the Associated Student Body (ASB) of both REV and CV.  The sponsors for Summerfest this year included Active, Jersey Mikes, LulaRoe, Chauvet, and Aj Bariles Chicago Pizza. 

Overall it was a successful night filled with new memories that each student was able to take home.

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