Straight Outta Compton Provides History Lesson in Rap

Genre: Biographical drama

Director: F. Gary Gray


  • O’Shea Jackson, Jr. as Ice Cube

  • Corey Hawkins as Dr. Dre

  • Jason Mitchell as Eazy-E

  • Aldis Hodge as MC Ren

  • Neil Brown, Jr. as DJ Yella

  • Paul Giamatti as Jerry Heller (NWA’s manager)

Release date:

  • First premiered on August 11th in Los Angeles

  • Premiered all across the U.S. on August 14th, 2015

Running Time: 147 Minutes

Rating: R

Director F. Gary Gray brings the world the much anticipated film of the world’s most dangerous rap group ever assembled, N.W.A. Straight Outta Compton tells the story of how the West Coast hip hop group rose to fame through their popularization of gangsta rap, depicting the harsh realities of life in the hood. Based from Compton, California, N.W.A. consists of Eazy-E, Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, MC Ren, and DJ Yella, with Jerry Heller as the group’s manager.

Actor O’Shea Jackson Jr. makes his film acting debut in Straight Outta Compton, playing the role of his father O’Shea Jackson, who is better known by his stage name Ice Cube. While some of the other cast members may not be known well by viewers, they prove to do an excellent job of portraying their characters.

The title of the film is quite significant as it is borrowed from N.W.A.’s debut studio album; the same album that first brought a great deal of popularity as well as criticism to the group. While the movie provides much entertainment to all of its viewers, it also helps expand knowledge of the group’s rise to fame from the hood to worldwide acclaim, as well as explaining the downfall and eventual end of the gangsta rap group.

The biographical film has received mostly positive reviews from both movie critics and audiences across the country, earning a 90% on Rotten Tomatoes and an 8.4/10 on IMDb. I encourage all to see Straight Outta Compton as it is definitely a must-watch film, but as it is Rated R, the movie contains language and content that prompts viewer discretion; for those under the age of 17, parental supervision is required.

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