Seniors answer freshman questions

The transition from middle school to high school is known to be the most daunting experience a young adult can face. A student is thrown into the high school life which is a gigantic and an overwhelming pill to swallow.

Freshman: When is a good time to start AP classes?
Senior: You should start AP classes after you have experienced an honors class. You will be more equipped since you know what to expect. Most people experience their first AP class in high school by taking AP Euro in 10th grade. It is best to have experience with a more rigorous class before jumping into the high demands of an AP class.

F: Which high school year was your favorite?
S: Junior year was my favorite because of the activities I was able to participate in. I was able to go to prom and homecoming which was a blast! I really got involved and had a memorable year.

F: What was your favorite school event or events?
S: The best  events were prom, rallies, and football games. It is awesome to see everyone with the most school spirit. I loved seeing all of my peers come together and cheer each other on.

F: What were you afraid of in 9th grade?
S: I was most afraid of not fitting in and talking to the wrong people when I was in 9th grade. After a while I figured out that I do not have to fit in; I can be my own person and have people like me for who I really am.

F: Did you have a tough time in the E building?
S: Yes! Even though I am a senior I still get lost in that building!

F: How do you make sure you do not end up hanging out with the wrong crowd?
S: Make sure to be yourself and those who like you for you will be who you should hang out with. Also if you find yourself hanging out with the wrong crowd do not be afraid to make new friends.

Although intimidating, high school has the opportunity of being the greatest four years of a student’s life. It offers a vast amount of opportunities, clubs, classes, and sports that are not available in middle school. It is imperative to get involved in one form or another. The seniors were all once freshmen, and so were the juniors and sophomores. It is mandatory that the students who have had more experience in high school reach out and provide a helpful in assisting the class of 2019. A couple of Citrus Valley’s freshmen asked seniors some worries/questions they had regarding their high school experience.

One of the greatest things about high school is the amount of new faces one encounters. A student is  bound to find the right friends and ultimately discover their true self.

As the freshmen class of 2019 experiences their first year in high school the upperclass men are here to welcome them with open arms and encourage the freshmen class to make this the best four years of their life.

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