PossAbilities Club promotes positive action

Citrus Valley High School’s PossAbilities club has been a part of Citrus Valley since 2011, and has been advised by Paul Beaumont, teacher, for all five years. It was started by a seniors student who wanted to project a positive image upon the special education program, and teach other people more about special education program to help enhance the program at Citrus Valley.

The club is a prime example of students making a difference within the community. The club focuses on the idea that no one should ever be bullied. Club members meet every Wednesday at lunch to take the time out of their day to interact with special education students to make them feel more involved not just with the school, but also with the people around them.

The events that the PossAbilities club plans includes a wide range of activities, sports, and dances. Citrus Valley each year holds a Special Ed prom that always turns out to be a huge success, as it allows the teens in the program to be connected with their school and will ultimately contribute to their high school experience. These events, which encourage teens to build positive relationships, help contribute to the successful special education program at Citrus Valley.

Dedicated club officers play a key role in the organization by making sure everything gets done successfully. These officers include President Alexis Ales, Vice President  Allissa Burns, Secretary Jiselle Whitaker, and Treasurer Lindsey Hollifield.  Club members hope that they can also encourage students outside of the club to make a difference within their community, no matter how big or small.

 Two of the advisers include Mr. Beaumont and Mrs. Selders, when asked what PossAbilities is about they responded with, “The club is meant to be an inclusive program that helps make the special education kids apart of the school, and to do special things for them to enhance how truly special they are.” Possibilities club is an amazing organization that strives to better the lives of others. And encourages that, “The only disability is a bad attitude.” Scott Hamilton

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