Blackhawks welcome new principal

The departure of Citrus Valley High School’s former principal, Bernie Cavanagh, brought sadness to the students and staff who greatly respected him and all he has done for Citrus Valley. But with his departure, the school welcomed in a new principal, who is a spectacular addendum to Citrus Valley.

Her name is Rhonda Bruce. Bruce attended Redlands High School. She attended the University of California, Santa Barbara, but soon realized it was not the best

choice for her. She transferred to UC Riverside and found the smaller campus setting a perfect fit. At UC Riverside she pursued the major of liberal studies which she enjoyed tremendously. She got her Bachelor’s degree and teaching credential at UC Riverside and a masters degree at Azusa Pacific.

Bruce started off teaching students because she loves kids and knew it would be a perfect profession. After fifteen years of teaching she decided to switch gears and go the principal route. She went to school and achieved her Administrative Credential. She was the assistant principal at Redlands High before she became a principal at Citrus Valley. With her busy schedule as a principal she still finds time to hangout with friends and family. Her favorite sports team is the LA Galaxy soccer team and the Baltimore Ravens football team. She loves dogs dearly which is evident because she has four of her own. Her most memorable moment is becoming a mother to her two children.

Her biggest piece of advice for her Blackhawks is to get involved in something other than just attending the 1-6 classes. Bruce wants her Blackhawks to know high school goes by very quickly and that “you will regret it if you do not get involved.”

Bruce is excited and hopeful to learn every student’s name at Citrus Valley. She is excited to be Citrus Valley’s principal and plans on having a great year with her blackhawks!

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