Experience and goals guide Wildcat assistant principals

This is the third year for the three assistant principals at Redlands East Valley High School, and they are just as enthusiastic as when they first came to take on this job.

Learning about the administrators, the REV student body can see that their administration really does care for their students, and that they do their best to make sure students have everything that they need to succeed.

The combined experience that the three assistant  principals have in the education field totals over fifty years. Maisie McCue is in her fifteenth year as an educator with a bachelors in Education and a masters in Reading that she received from the University of Arizona. Jennifer Murillo is in her seventeenth year as an educator, with a major in English from Biola University, and a masters from Cal State University, San Bernardino. Amanda Chann is in her nineteenth year as an educator with a bachelor’s degree from Southern Connecticut State University, and a masters from Cal Baptist University.

All three assistant principals at REV have a positive outlook on the school and it’s future. When asked what they thought of REV as a school, McCue and Murillo both agreed that, “it is the best school in town, and there is just something special about it.”

Chann believes that, “it is in the business of creating intelligent, good human beings, and the students who graduate leave wiser, kinder, and more compassionate than at any other school.”They each have high hopes for this upcoming year. McCue would, “love to see the school spirit to continue to be strong, and for the staff to work more closely as a team.” Murillo wants the community to know all the good things that happen at REV, and she “wants REV to continue to set the standard for success in and out of the classroom.” As for Chann, she said she wants REV, “to continue as a place where the question, ‘Is this a good place for kids?’ always has the answer ‘yes.”



Maisie McCue


Amanda Chann


Jennifer Murillo

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