Column: Achieving a Positive Lifestyle

Live to Inspire
By Layla Abbas

When I was younger I would complain when my mom would make roast for dinner, I promise I saw it move one time. I would complain when I had to do homework after 6 hours of school. I would complain when things did not go my way. 

In the midst of my complaints I never thought about how grateful I am to have food on the table, even if it squirms around, and I never thought about how grateful I am to have the opportunity of having an education. Young children around the world often have to give up their childhood and education to work.  I started to realize a life is never bad unless you think of it that way. I started asking myself why I was ungrateful for things other people would love to have.

 I began  to read about other people’s lives and how they overcome their obstacles and help others along the way. One of the these inspiring people is Sa’adu Usman who volunteers at the Northern Nigeria Integrated Program. Sa’adu has a very important job in which he informs his village of the medication available and keeps track of the medication distributed. The medication is vital for the villagers because it helps prevent neglected tropical diseases, such as trachoma. Sa’adu has 12 children of his own, but he still dedicates part of his life helping the people around him. He does not collect gifts or money for his service because only “God can pay [him]” (SightSavers). His mindset is inspiring and makes me question how I help others around me. 

How can WE improve the world we live in.  Simply holding the door open or asking others if they need assistance can do the trick. Whenever you are feeling down and angry with your current stance think about everything you have. A house to live in, food on the table, an education and health are all things that should be appreciated each and every day. It is often easy to get discouraged but it is mandatory that we do not let the discouragement define our days and attitudes. We receive a gift each day; the gift of living another day on this earth. But to simply live is not nearly enough. Dedicate your life to achieving something remarkable, and beiny the world has the opportunity of becoming a gentler  g someone great. If every single person focuses on being a little more kinder each and every daatmosphere.  Be grateful for your life and inspire others to do the same.

“We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.”

-Ronald Reagan

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