Angels’ Closet Gives Helping Hand

By AARON ANDREAS “A helping hand for high school and middle school students in need.”  That is the mission statement for Angels’ Closet Charities.  Angels’ Closet Charities (ACC) is a local, Redlands non-profit organization that is located on the Redlands East Valley High School campus.  Though they are located at REV, they service all of the […]

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Following Your Dreams

Discover Beauty By ALYSSA OUILLETTE Living with the constant thoughts and struggles of being perfect is so overwhelming, and so not worth the time and exhausting effort that it brings upon us. There are so many more important aspects of life besides this, that us as individuals should be focusing on to better our inner […]

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Introducing New Skin Care Solutions

By MADDIE CHUNGDo you suffer from blackheads, stubborn pimples or deep cystic acne that seems to never go away?  Have you tried every ProActive or Neutrogena product available, but they just don’t seem to be helping?  Perhaps you should consider using a homeopathic remedy -it may be just what you need. Homeopathy is an FDA […]

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Column: Getting Help is OK

Health: Mental, Physical, and Emotional ​ By MADDIE CHUNG In our world today, the practice of tolerating and accepting others despite their physical appearance or racial or socioeconomic background has been widely promoted and encouraged.  However, this practice often fails to include one major aspect of life in need of acceptance: mental “disorders”. Would you […]

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REV Gains a New Band Director

By Annie DelgadoThis year Redlands East Valley High School gained a new band director, Mr. Brian Hollett. He has an extensive musical background, and is ready to take on the new year! Mr. Hollett started playing the french horn in marching band his senior year of high school and immediately “fell in love with music.” […]

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How Do You Stay Motivated?

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